About me : Ghost Tripghostphuot.com

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About me : Ghost Tripghostphuot.com

Article from : 11 Tháng bảy 2017 - Last update : 07 2020

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Hi everyone, I am Ghost, Would like to share all experience travel to all of you. who have passion moving. Thanks

Ghost was born in poor village but very nice. There are beachs and mountains. Landscapes are very beautiful and amazing ...

I spent all the time my childhood with nature therefor Ghost love wilderness. My dream will travel all around all the world .

 Ghost will content with explore nature. The website Tripghostphuot.com, Ghost would like to write all my experience of my trip to share with you . 

Specially, would share all beautiful landscape my country : Việt Nam to you . 

Hope you leave me a comment with my article, that i can know more your expectation and improve my Article: Shorter, concise, intelligibility.

Thanks to visit my Website: tripghostphuot.com


Would like to share all my picture of my Trip  . Almost in Viet Nam  

Mui Né - lướt sóng Việt Nam

Suft In Mũi Né - Việt Nam

Đảo Nhất Tự Sơn - Sông Cầu - Phú Yên - Việt Nam

Nhất Tự Sơn island  - Sông Cầu - Phú Yên - Việt Nam

yoga on beach - Mũi Né - Việt Nam

Yoga on beach - Mũi Né - Việt Nam

Hòn Yến island - Đảo Hòn Yến  - Tuy An - Việt NAm

Hòn Yến Island - Tuy An- Phú Yên - Việt Nam

ba be lake -

Ba Bể Lake - Bắc Kạn - Việt Nam

điệp Sơn Island

Điệp Sơn - Island

Bà Đen mountain

Bà Đen Mountain -Tây Ninh - Viêt Nam

Đà Lạt

LangBiang - Đà Lạt - Việt Nam

Sapa - Việt Nam

Sapa -Việt Nam



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